I've been trying to celebrate the beauty of our world since 2004, always dealing with stunning travel & architectural imagery, even in the thoughest times such as the Covid Pandemic of 2020.
Pheraphs my interest for outdoor photography has reached its climax in the last few years with my growing interest for aerial photography. (Michele is a certified ENAC Drone operator for Critical Operations in Italy).

The greatest and core part of my business is high-end commercial travel photography.

My style is distinctively clean and vibrant at the same time, i like to produce crisp, striking and evocative images and sometimes I'm truly obsessed by the technical aspects of my work. I love colourful & remote landscapes as well as intimate, brightand minimal interiors.
I have traveled extensively in more than 110 countries worldwide and my images have been published on thousand of books, brochures, magazines and are also regularly licensed by advertising agencies.
Please check out the samples publications for some examples of published work.

I am available for assignments for both travel/aerial and architectural/interiors work.

Clients and Agencies

My travel work is directly represented by some of the leading agencies in the creative market, among others:

Awl-Images | Getty Images | Alamy Images

If interested in licensing some of my work, do not hesitate to contact me.


mobile: +39 347 8587 920
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